Analyze The Basic Meaning Of The Starter

- Oct 03, 2019-

Analyze the basic meaning of the starter

What is the basic meaning of the starter? Let us analyze the meaning of the following.

A starter equipped with a gear between the armature shaft of the starter and the drive gear is called a starter. The power of the series-excited DC motor is proportional to its torque and speed. It can be seen that when the motor speed is increased and the torque is reduced, the power of the starter can be kept constant, so the high-speed, low-torque series-excited DC is used. The electric motor acts as a starter, and the volume and mass of the starter can be greatly reduced with the same power. However, the torque of the starter is too low to meet the requirements for starting the engine. Therefore, when a high-speed, low-torque DC motor is used in the starter, a gear is mounted between the armature shaft of the motor and the drive gear, which can increase the torque while reducing the motor speed.

At present, what types of starter can be divided into? The starter manufacturer has the following introduction.

First, according to the way the motor magnetic field is generated

Excitation starter

2. Permanent magnet starter

Second, according to the starting mode of the starter

Directly operated starter

2. Electromagnetically operated starter

Third, according to the drive gear biting way

Inertia meshing

2. Armature mobile

3. Magnetic pole mobile

4. Gear moving

5. Forced engagement

Fourth, according to the transmission mechanism structure


2. Starter