How To Choose The Brush Of The Car Starter?

- Oct 05, 2019-

How to choose the brush of the car starter?

The starter motor consists of four brushes, arranged in positive and negative phase. The starting electromechanical brush is usually a brush of metal graphite. How to choose the brush? Let us take a look today:

1. Look at the color of the brush body (colour)

The appearance color is like copper, which means that the brush has high copper content, good electrical conductivity, proper ratio of copper to graphite, wear resistance, less failure and long service life. It is a high quality brush. The appearance of the inferior brush is almost invisible to copper.

2. Touch the outside by hand

Touching the high-quality brush by hand does not fade, and the inferior brush is hand-touched, the hand is dark toner, and the color is very deep. This brush has more graphite content, short life and high failure rate. . However, some brushes with too little graphite will produce strong mechanical wear on the commutator and are inferior brushes.

3. See model specifications (specs)

The quality brushes are generally printed on the brush body, and those inferior brushes usually do not have these marks.

4. Look at the cross-sectional area and length of the lead (length)

The brush of the same model, the lead of the high-quality brush is obviously thick, the cross-sectional area is large, and the lead of the inferior brush is thinner, and the lead length of some inferior brushes is slightly shorter.