How To Judge The Quality Of The Starter?

- Oct 23, 2019-

How to judge the quality of the starter?

The quality of the starter directly affects the service life of the car, so we must choose a high-quality car starter when purchasing a car. It is a good way to determine the starter. In the case that the car can start normally, the starter must be Ok, if it is a removed starter, the positive and negative poles of the battery connected to the car are placed on the surface of the starter (that is, let it loop, connect the ground wire), and the live end of the starter. Then use the line of fire to contact the ignition lock line (the small contact of the suction switch), if it can operate normally, (no internal noise, no smoke, fire, etc.) should be good, in addition, if there is no load You can't try out the gears of the starter. You need to load the car to know.

Check immediately when the starter is found to be weak or unable to start. Wipe the appearance of the starter before checking. Check that the tension of the spring should meet the specified value. Lift the brush spring with a wire hook, take out the brush from the brush holder, check the wear of the brush, and update it if the wear is too large. The brush must not be in place on the brush holder. The contact area between the brush and the commutator should not be lower than 75%. Check the ground wire of the brush and there should be no looseness. The brush should have good insulation (check with 2ZOV test light). If the above checks are all good and the fault cannot be ruled out, the starter should be disassembled and the armature and magnetic poles should be further inspected.

The starter is divided into a DC starter, a gasoline starter, a compressed air starter, etc. according to the working principle. Most of the internal combustion engines use a DC starter, which is characterized by compact structure, simple operation and easy maintenance. The gasoline starter is a small gasoline engine with a clutch and a shifting mechanism. It has a large power and is less affected by the temperature. It can start a large internal combustion engine and is suitable for use in high-altitude areas. Compressed air starters are divided into two categories, one is to drive compressed air into the cylinder according to the working order, and the other is to use a pneumatic motor to drive the flywheel. The use of a compressed air starter is close to that of a gasoline starter and is typically used for starting a large internal combustion engine.

The DC starter is composed of a DC series motor, an operating mechanism and a clutch mechanism. It specializes in starting the engine and requires a lot of torque, so the amount of current to pass is very large, reaching a few hundred amperes.

The DC motor has a large torque at low speeds, and the torque is gradually reduced when the speed is high, which is suitable for use as a starter.

The starter adopts a DC series motor, and the rotor and stator parts are wound by a relatively thick rectangular cross-section copper wire; the drive mechanism adopts a reduction gear structure; and the operating mechanism adopts electromagnetic magnetic attraction.