Site Requirements For Alternator Installation

- Oct 08, 2019-

Site requirements for alternator installation

After the alternator is purchased, it cannot be used directly. It needs to be installed, and the alternator has certain requirements for the installation environment. Where are these requirements reflected? Below the diesel generator price Xiaobian take you to find out.

1. First of all, it is essential to choose a dry, cool and ventilated environment. If the environment is humid, it will cause rust in some parts of the alternator. The ambient temperature is too high or too low, which is not conducive to the normal operation of the alternator. Running.

2. The installation location of the alternator must be well ventilated. The installation environment must have enough alternator air inlet and outlet. If the vent is not installed or the installation is unreasonable, it will threaten people's safety. The alternator lacks oxygen. It will also cause performance degradation, because the alternator will consume a lot of oxygen in the air during operation. If the installation environment is not ventilated, the oxygen in the environment will be quickly exhausted, which will cause the alternator operator to carbon monoxide poisoning. Life is dangerous.

3. The alternator should be kept clean in the installation environment. The corrosive gas such as strong acid and alkali can not be prevented in the installation environment. It is not allowed to store flammable and explosive materials. It is also necessary to configure the corresponding fire extinguishing device. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

4. If the alternator is installed indoors, it must be installed with a smoke exhaust pipe connected to the outside. When installing the exhaust pipe, pay attention to the outdoor wind direction to ensure that the exhaust gas generated during the operation of the diesel engine block can be smoothly discharged. A rain cover should be installed on the pipe mouth to prevent rainwater from being injected into the pipe during rainy weather.

5. The installation environment of the alternator must have grounding, leakage protection devices and lightning protection devices. These devices must be installed by professionals. The ground on which the alternator is installed must be kept flat, not inclined, and the foundation should be firm. Installed on a soft ground.