The 9 Major Advantages Of The Alternator

- Oct 19, 2019-

The 9 major advantages of the alternator

The alternator is a small-scale power generation equipment, which refers to a power machine that uses the same as the fuel to drive the generator to generate electricity. So what are the advantages of an alternator?

1. Reliability:

The cylinder and cylinder head of alloy alloy cast iron have high strength and rigidity; the overall twisted forged fully balanced structure and the corner-hardened crankshaft run smoothly, with higher strength and reliability, low power loss, reliable operation and extremely low failure rate. Designed specifically for power generator characteristics, it enables the unit to recover quickly when loading.

2. Emergency:

The generator has some quick start capability to ensure the rapid power transmission capacity of the emergency alternator. The alternator power transmission time can reach 8~15 seconds (adjustable), and has superior emergency power supply capability;

3, loading capacity:

The powerful power of the engine makes the alternator have excellent load surge capability, the alternator load sudden increase can reach 80%, and the load surge capability of other models is generally 50%;

4, fuel injection method:

Unique PT fuel system (injection pressure above 100MPa), four-valve per cylinder, direct injection, supercharging, and intercooling technology, so that the emission reaches Euro 2, the fuel consumption rate is generally lower than 210g/kwh, and the passing oil control Thereby achieving higher energy and environmental protection requirements;

5, easy to maintain:

Engine repair and spare parts centers are located in major cities across the country, providing adequate engine components, filter systems, information products and fast repair services;

6, the service life:

The engine overhaul time reaches 20,000 hours, which is equivalent to 5 to 8 times of the domestic machine;

7. Economical:

Engines with fuel consumption below 210g/kwh greatly reduce the user's cost of use. Although engine maintenance consumables are more expensive than domestic machines, they are durable, have long maintenance and replacement cycles, and have lower overall maintenance;

8, technology content:

The world's advanced engine, patented PT fuel system, ensures the engine's operating state under different environments and different working conditions;

9. Emissions optimization:

It meets the German TA-Luft standard, the California Air Resources Bureau CARB standard, the Environmental Protection Agency EPA standard, and the European Community EURO Off-Highway Vehicle Emission Standard, meeting Euro II emission standards.