The Alternator Needs Attention During The Use Process.

- Oct 09, 2019-

The alternator needs attention during the use process.

The alternator is a power generation device with quick start, convenient operation and maintenance, low investment, and strong adaptability to the environment. So what should the AC generator pay attention to during the use?

First, the fixed alternator should be installed indoors, the bottom must be firm, the mobile alternator should be stable before the generator is running, and set up a rainproof shed.

2. Fire equipment such as sand box or dry fire extinguisher should be installed near the alternator body. The fire alarm generator should stop running and then extinguish.

3. The wires from the alternator to the switchboard or to all the electrical equipment must be well insulated, the joints should be firm, and the lead should be placed in the air with the pillars, not to be dragged to the ground.

4. Before starting, check the condition of each department. During operation, it is forbidden to work on the line and touch the high voltage line or clean the work by hand.

5. After the maintenance of the alternator, it is necessary to check whether there are any tools or other items left between the rotor and the stator before starting the operation.

6. When using an alternator that has been deactivated for a long time, the insulation degree of the coil should be checked. The insulation resistance must not be lower than the specified standard, otherwise it must be dried before use.

7. During operation, the operator must not leave the generator. Pay attention to the sound of all parts of the alternator. Pay attention to the instrument. If abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately and repair it.

8. When inspecting the commutator and the slip ring during operation, wear insulated gloves and rubber shoes, and apply a rubber pad on the floor of the shock ring and the rotor and the slip ring before proceeding.

Nine, the alternator is not allowed to be overloaded.

10. The switchboard should be kept clean and the instrument should be checked regularly.

11. The temperature of the alternator during operation shall not exceed the value specified by the original manufacturer. If the temperature is too high, it shall be stopped for inspection, and the work may be continued after the fault is eliminated.

12. The internal machine used in the alternator shall be implemented in accordance with the safety technical operating procedures of the internal combustion engine.