- Dec 27, 2019-

You should prepare: Hexagon sleeve, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, maintenance, you have to prepare vernier calipers and multimeters  


The maintenance process is as follows


1: Using a socket wrench to loosen the nut on the switch,This can separate the lead wire of the brush holder from the switch


2: Remove the connecting wire from the copper terminal of the switch


3: Removed the connecting piece just now, in fact, the electromagnetic switch is an independent body. Next, we use a cross screwdriver to remove the fixing screw



4: After the switch screw is loosened, we take off the electromagnetic switch. Be careful not to use brute force. Sometimes the iron core of the switch is designed to be firmly connected to the starter fork. It must not be removed with brute force. Observe before taking it. To prevent damage to the switch or fork accessories;


5: After the switch is successfully removed, We will take out the stator and rotor of the starter step by step. First, we use a socket wrench to loosen the long screw on the back cover. This screw type is threaded all the way to the front cover of the motor. ,longer


6: After the screw is unscrewed, we can remove the front cover of the starter.


7: Then remove the small parts assembled on the starter, here is the fork rubber seat of the starter; it plays a role of sealing and positioning


8: After removing the fork block, we took out the starter transmission part (gear bendix and deceleration part) together, because the permanent magnet has magnetic attraction, be careful not to drop some small parts into the stator when you get it , It will be very trouble some to go back to assemble, especially there is a steel ball in some deceleration mechanism, this kind of situation is easy to happen


9: Next we take out the rotor and push it towards the front cover! You can take out the rotor by ordering the shaft head of the rotor. Do not pull the rotor separately. It is easier to damage the carbon brush if the part of the brush holder in the back cover is damaged.


10: Depending on the structure, everyone should be careful not to operate savagely. Of course, you can also separate the back cover and the brush holder first. It is also possible, depending on your operation.


11: After removing the rotor,Organize the brush holder,The positive carbon brush and carbon brush spring can be removed first.


12: Unscrew the brush holder screws,you can separate the brush holder from the back cover


13: Next, let ’s see if the carbon brush is worn out.Replace the carbon brush if it is very severe.Actually,It is essential to maintain the starter and replace the carbon brush.Because the most abrasion is the carbon brush,the carbon brush spring pressure will fail once the carbon brush wears too much.Then the wear will be more severe.Once this sparks will grow,The temperature will increase when the motor is used,Or it will burn the motor.


14: Next we open the wear condition of the rotor commutator,better if worn out,If not serious we can polish it with 500 mesh sandpaper.Be light when polishing.And be sure to ensure the roundness of the commutator.After cleaning, clean up the copper scraps and other debris from the polishing tape.If possible, clean the slot of the commutator.This is more conducive to the work of the motor.


15: Next, we need to check whether the exposed part of the armature's insulation wire is damaged or burned.


16: Use a multimeter to measure the short-circuit and breakdown of rotor pieces.It is best to use high voltage equipment,this is more intuitive.It is best to hit the rotor withstand voltage of 660V for 2 seconds.


17: Rotor bearings are also critical for maintenance.It is better to replace the bearing,or oil the bearings.If you want to dismantle the bearing, you must use pull grinding,this will not damage the rotor components.Attention should also be paid to the pressure bearing, it is best to operate on the press.


18: Next we stick to the unidirectional and transmission parts,Open the protective cover of the ring gear,We see the planet gears and planet shafts and the inside


19: Remove planetary gear.Check the planetary gear and ring gear for wear.


20: Next we need to disassemble the gear bendix,First we have to remove the gear ring,Find a suitable open end wrench,Secure the gear bendix and reduction shaft components.Hit the wrench with a hammer


21: After knocking the retaining ring, we saw the snap ring. Be careful when taking the snap ring, and try not to deform it too much when knocking


22: Next we remove the fork. This is the easiest. Be careful when removing nylon


23: The fork is down,gear bendix is okay now.



24: Next remove the snap ring,If there is an open caliper,Be careful when disassembling.


25: The reduction shaft is also down. Look for wear on this part, especially the copper sleeve inside


26: Check to see if the pin is intact, and see if there is any wear in the place that matches the front cover copper sleeve


27: That middle part is the copper sleeve part,When this place is worn, the rotor will become unstable after turning.


28: It is best to check the lower stator to see if the magnetic tiles inside are damaged or falling off. If necessary, you can also test the magnetic field with a Tesla meter.


29: It is also necessary to check the gear bendix to see if the copper sleeve of the unidirectional device is worn and whether the tooth head is worn.


30: Check the electromagnetic switch, you can press the switch iron core inward, so that the inner copper plate and the copper screw contact, and he feels that it is very smooth to loosen it.


31: When the motor is reassembled, it will be reversed according to the disassembly process.Refuel inside planetary gears


32: When you install the brush holder,Find something to fix first, put it on the rotor at one time, so as to protect the carbon brush.


33: Finally installed, test whether the switch works normally.Positive clamping clamp switch head,Negative connection to the motor casing.Turn on the power and check if the switch works normally.

34: Finally check if the starter is turning normally