What Are The Characteristics Of An Alternator?

- Oct 17, 2019-

What are the characteristics of an alternator?

Alternator has the characteristics of low noise, low emissions and low fuel consumption. What characteristics does the alternator have in addition to these characteristics?

1) Inline six-cylinder, water-cooled, exhaust gas turbocharged, four-stroke, intake air-to-air cooling (TWD type), or intake air-to-air cooling (TAD type), direct injection fuel system .

2) Low inertia supercharger and in-line plunger fuel injection pump, integrated mechanical governor or GAC electronic governor, and the multi-injector injector's reactive speed injection system makes the engine High load carrying capacity in a short recovery time.

3) Wet replaceable cylinder liner with flame retardant shoulder to make the cylinder head resistant to high temperatures. The distribution of the optimized force of the cast iron cylinder is no extra weight, and the whole machine is particularly light. The nitrogen-carbon treated crankshaft and transmission gear are suitable for heavy-duty operation. There are 7 bearings on the crankshaft to reduce the load on the main bearing.

4) The electric heater in the intake manifold can make the engine start fast and reliable at low temperatures in winter, and can reduce exhaust emissions.

5) The newly designed all-electric injection engine also has higher reliability, no overhaul time of more than 30,000 hours, reaching the industry leading level; lower fuel consumption, lowering cost; meeting EU No. 2 emission standard; high altitude power drop Less, the power drop is ≤2.5% for every 1000 meters rise; the step load performance is better, the speed drop is less and the recovery time is shorter; better low temperature cold start performance; larger exhaust smoke back pressure.

Below the diesel alternator manufacturers Xiaobian take everyone to understand.

(1) Use a fuel-saving and smoke-reducing device.

The fuel-saving and smoke-reducing device is vertically fixed in the front end oil passage of the fuel injection pump, and is connected to a DC power source. Used on alternator alternators, smoke reduction is significant. It not only reduces environmental pollution, but also saves about 5% of fuel.

(2) Install the inertia booster.

The use of an inertial supercharger on the alternator generally increases power by 15% and fuel consumption by 3% to 5%.

(3) Wrap the toilet paper on the filter element.

Wrap 2 to 3 layers of highly absorbent toilet paper on the alternator oil filter to improve oil cleanliness and reduce fuel consumption.

(4) Add foam plastic air filter.

In the two-layer filter of the air filter, add a layer of 8-20mm thick foam with good air permeability to improve the filtration effect, keep the fuel burning normally and reduce fuel consumption.