What Are The Consequences Of Improper Use Of The Oil Used In The Alternator?

- Oct 20, 2019-

What are the consequences of improper use of the oil used in the alternator?

In the process of using the alternator, the oil is inseparable, but what if the engine oil used has a problem? Xiaobian takes everyone to know.

If there is a problem with the quality of the oil, it will appear, and the engine uses oil. Lava, steel, tiling, oil blockage, abnormal oil temperature, abnormal oil pressure, accelerated wear, corrosion, etc.; other places with oil, oil blockage, abnormal oil temperature, abnormal oil pressure, wear and tear Speed up, corrosion and other big and small problems; especially engine oil. Can not use the oil produced by two manufacturers. Because each manufacturer adds different additives to the oil, it is possible that the oil in the mixture of the two oils will produce a chemical reaction, and the quality of the oil will vary.

The working principle of the gasoline engine and the machine are different, and different requirements are imposed on the oil, which is reflected in the oil preparation process, and the respective formulation system is formed. Although there are detergents, dispersants and anti-oxidant preservatives in the added additives, the proportion of the addition is different because of the different focus of solving the problem. The low-temperature sludge of the gasoline engine is more prominent, so the proportion of the dispersant added is higher than that of the machine. Large, and the machine's high temperature clean and anti-oxidation problems, so its detergent ratio is larger than gasoline engine oil, especially the large-capacity CD-class engine oil additive additive formula also adds some sulfurized alkyl phenate (such as LZ6499, LZ6500 ) to solve the problem of high temperature anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance.

The generator has experienced excessive temperature during use, so what is the cause? How should it be solved? The alternator Xiaobian introduces you.

(1) The generator does not operate according to the specified technical conditions. If the stator voltage is too high, the iron loss increases; if the load current is too large, the copper loss of the stator winding increases; if the frequency is too low, the cooling fan speed becomes slow, affecting the generator. Heat dissipation; the power factor is too low, causing the rotor excitation current to increase, causing the rotor to heat up. The indication of the monitoring instrument should be checked for properness. If it is not normal, the necessary adjustments and treatments must be carried out to operate the generator in accordance with the specified technical conditions.

(2) The three-phase load current of the generator is unbalanced, and the overloaded one-phase winding will overheat; if the difference of the three-phase current exceeds 10% of the rated current, it is a serious 蛄 phase current imbalance, and the three-phase current imbalance will be generated. The negative sequence magnetic field increases the loss and causes the components such as the pole winding and the ferrule to generate heat. The three-phase load should be adjusted to keep the phase currents as balanced as possible.