What Can An Alternator Do To Better Ventilate?

- Oct 23, 2019-

What can an alternator do to better ventilate?

It is very important that the alternator is exhausted during the process of use. What can the alternator do to better ventilate? The alternator small series introduces you.

1. The position of the exhaust fan of the alternator water tank is the heat exhausting port of the unit. The air tank should be kept well ventilated within 1 meter, without obstruction. The heat from the air exhausted from the water tank should be directly discharged to the outside. If the heat is circulated indoors, the high temperature of the unit will be affected. Stop running normally;

2. The exhaust of the AC generator set is also a problem worthy of consideration by the customer. It should be directly connected to the outside with a pipe or an exhaust fan in the machine room to directly suck the indoor exhaust gas out of the room, because the exhaust pipe will also be generated when the unit is running. A large amount of heat, the alternator manufacturer recommends that the user should wrap a layer of insulation cotton in the outer layer of the exhaust pipe, so that the heat is not distributed in the machine room and the room temperature is increased;

3, the unit room air and air intake can not be in the same position, should be arranged reasonably into the wind, exhaust air to form a smooth air circulation.

4. The end face of the radiator of the unit is the concentrated heat dissipation area of the unit. The area of the air outlet of the machine room should be 1.5 times larger than the area of the radiator. It is also necessary to make a heat dissipation channel on the end face of the radiator to facilitate the direct dissipation of heat to the outside without increasing the room temperature.

6. The design of the alternator room should be as large as possible to reduce the sudden rise of room temperature and heat. The unit enters and vents without obstruction to keep the cool air entering and the hot air discharged smoothly, forming a benign cycle. The system maintains a good heat dissipation of the unit.