What Is The Cause Of Noise During The Use Of The Alternator?

- Oct 12, 2019-

What is the cause of noise during the use of the alternator?

In the process of using too much noise, what is the cause? The following alternator Xiaobian introduces you.

1. Aerodynamic noise is due to the unstable process of the gas, that is, the alternator noise generated by the disturbance of the gas and the interaction of the gas with the object. Aerodynamic noise radiating directly into the atmosphere, including intake noise, exhaust noise, and cooling fan noise.

2. Electromagnetic noise is the diesel engine group noise generated by the high speed rotation of the generator rotor in an electromagnetic field.

3. Combustion noise and mechanical noise are difficult to distinguish strictly. Generally, the noise of the diesel engine group radiated by the cylinder head, piston, Lianxuan, crankshaft and the body due to the pressure fluctuation caused by the combustion in the cylinder of the alternator is called combustion noise. . The diesel engine block noise generated by the impact of the piston on the cylinder liner and the mechanical impact vibration of the moving member is called mechanical noise. Generally, direct-injection alternator combustion noise is higher than mechanical noise, and non-direct-flow alternator mechanical noise is higher than combustion noise. However, the combustion noise is higher than the mechanical noise at low speed.

First, the cause of the failure:

1. The alternator startup line is in poor contact or the battery terminal is too dirty.

2. The battery used by the alternator is insufficient.

3. The internal contact of the magnetic switch is poor.

Second, troubleshooting methods:

1. Check the starting route and the start button to see if there is any contact failure. After testing by the multimeter R×1 file, the power generation is normal.

2. Check the contact surface of the battery terminal and retighten it. When the alternator is started, the fault is not eliminated.

3. The voltage of the storage paper measured by the DC voltage of the multimeter is 12V, and the measurement is 10.5V after startup, indicating that the battery is insufficient and the alternator is difficult to start.

4. After replacing the battery with sufficient lighting, start the alternator and the fault is eliminated.