What Is The Reason For The Reduction Of The Insulation Resistance Of The Alternator?

- Oct 14, 2019-

What is the reason for the reduction of the insulation resistance of the alternator?

1. Hot air drying method.

Use high-power heating elements, set up the fan according to the circulation mode of the generator air duct, and then start heating and drying. When drying, always measure the temperature of the generator body, do not exceed 90 degrees, and then measure after drying for 12 hours. And record the temperature at that time until it is qualified.

2, the current method.

Use high-power electric welder or multiple welders to connect, connect the generator's outlet line (serial) and then connect with the welder for secondary measurement, adjust the welder current to about 10% of the rated current of the generator, and heat it. Other items are the same as 1, but when measuring insulation, disconnect the wire from the welder.

The alternator has a ticking sound during the use, so what is the cause, how should it be solved? The alternator Xiaobian introduces you.

First, the failure analysis:

This kind of noise is generally a valve knocking sound. When the alternator is running at low speed, it is easy to hear a continuous, rhythmic, slight “beep, bang” knock. As the speed increases, the sound increases. If more valves make a loud noise, the sound is a clutter of "嘀嗒, 嘀嗒".

Second, the cause of the failure:

1. The valve clearance adjustment is incorrect.

2. The piston pin and the bushing are matched with the loose tube or the pin and the pin seat are matched with the loose seat.

Third, troubleshooting methods:

1. The oil cut test was carried out on the two cylinders of the high-pressure oil pump of the alternator. It was found that the sound of the cylinder oil circuit did not change after the oil circuit was disconnected, and the sound of the second cylinder oil circuit did not disappear.

2. Remove the valve chamber cover and find that the intake valve clearance of the second cylinder of the alternator is large. After adjustment, the alternator is started and the fault disappears.