Why Is The Car Starter Easy To Burn Out?

- Oct 04, 2019-

Why is the car starter easy to burn out?

Under what circumstances will the car starter be easily burned out? Let's take a look at the specific introduction below.

1. The engine is too heavy

The starter is forced to start, and the long time will affect the wear of the copper sleeve at both ends, which directly causes the gap between the rotating shaft and the outer casing to become larger, and the friction between the rotor and the outer casing causes a short circuit.

2. Long-term maintenance

The starter is the same as the engine, and it needs maintenance. The average car is relatively better. If the power is small, it will take a few more turns to start the car. In this case, the starter is prone to heat, including the electromagnetic switch. If the time is long, it may not return. It will follow the flywheel ring gear and can burn off without knowing it. .

In recent years, starters have been widely used in various vehicles and will gradually replace the universal starter. So what should be paid attention to when the starter is installed?

1. Most of the starter is the grounding iron, which should be connected in parallel with the battery.

2. When the starter is installed, the mounting bolts must match and tighten the engine mounting holes.


3. Check the opening plane of the starter machine and the corresponding mounting surface on the engine before installation. There should be no anti-rust oil and residual paint to ensure good contact.

4. Check the model of the starter before installation to confirm that the installation size of the starter matches the engine.

5. The actual cross-sectional area of the fire line is not less than the requirements of the specification, and is as short as possible, generally not exceeding 2m.

6. After installation, check that the line connection is correct and the fasteners should be tightened to prevent falling off.